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Coach Luke Guyton

My name is Luke Guyton and I am from the Quad Cities, which is located along the Iowa/Illinois border. When I was eight years old, my Mom got me into BMX racing. I competed in BMX races around the country for twelve years before I made the switch to road cycling. I have been competing in a combination of road, gravel, and mountain bike now for fourteen years and race as a category one cyclist. Over that time, I have won several events such as the Illinois State Criterium Championship and a day at the Intelligentsia Cup. I have competed in the biggest gravel events around the country such as Unbound, Big Sugar, Gravel Worlds, and Belgian Waffle Ride. 


I have worked as a strength and conditioning coach for a combined 14 years and currently operate my own training facility. I have been a cycling coach for several years working with local athletes and serving in a mentorship role for new riders. I also am the founder of the Big River Gravel Series, a four race series located in the Quad Cities region. Cycling is more than a passion to me, it’s my life.

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