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Training Day Sequencing

By Coach

Rick Sorenson

As the training calendar fills up, all the days are sequenced to work with each other, like a bit of a puzzle. 
Each ride has it's own parameters,  in a box if you will.
So, if you see a comment from me that says keep it in the box, you know it means stay on track with the plan. In the early season particularly, there is a tendency to want to do more than the plan calls for.
There are times where we can 'stretch' a workout, but for now, 
keep it in the box.
That being said, here is the Revisit with more details about sequencing:One of the most common questions I get asked as a coach is I did X workout on Friday, so what do I do on Saturday? Change the days and the workouts but it all leads to the same question. How do I sequence my training days for the most benefit?
It sounds simple but it can be confusing, and, if you get it wrong can lead you down the rabbit hole of descending form. Then the question-am I going to hard or too easy? That is a place we never want to go. It can be brutal to dig your way out of that mess
At its core, as all VeloJawn riders know(;)), good training is a combination of hard work and rest.
In theory.
It is pretty accepted that 3 hard workouts a week is about the max we can do and see the benefits.  You then use the other 4 days for either an opener day, recovery day or an endurance day.
I can tell you for myself, after 36 years of racing, every day I ride I am thinking about what the next day holds and my efforts reflect that. Training blocks are a puzzle and we have to be careful how we put the pieces together.
For example:
You are racing on Saturday, what do you do on Friday?
The day before a race is always an opener ride-Less than an hour, short high cadence efforts, no accumulated fatigue. 'Open' the legs for the next day.
The day before that would be a recovery day.
The day before that would be a hard day, but, depending on the length of the race on Saturday, you might cut the duration but keep the intensity.
The day before that would be a recovery day.
That would back us up to Sunday which is probably a hard day, again might be adjusted depending on how big the upcoming Saturday race is, whether a season goal or just a training race.
So I think you can see how this is a bit more complicated than hard, day easy day. The rides really do work all together, with the goal being good legs and quality workouts.
As your coaches, Jerry Erin and I will help guide all of you through this training puzzle, with the caveat that each rider needs to make personal adjustments as you go depending on how you feel, time constraints etc.
The bottom line is always keep in mind the big picture. All these training days really are interconnected.
Training day sequencing.
Not simple. But very doable.

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