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Race and ride with Class
By Coach Rick Sorenson

Let me make this clear as can be.

 Don't sit on a break and then sprint for the win. Ever.

(Ok, there are always exceptions to the rules, team orders, etc,  but in general)

You need to have some class. Class-less riders might do that.

No matter what level, every rider has a problem with someone sitting wheels and then going for the win. It has led to many a post-finish line heated discussion, whether it is in the 4's or the Pros.

Let me give you a couple of examples of both ends of the spectrum.

Balloon Fest RR, some years ago.

I was in the front group of 8, maybe 5 miles left, a flat run to the finish.

We were being chased by a group of 15 or so, so it was full gas. My problem is, I was cooked.

I rode up the paceline, sat up, pointed to myself, made the throat cutting gesture, and said I am not sprinting, and dropped to the back of the line.

At the finish, one guy sat my wheel and then bolted around me with 50 meters to go, for 7th. Bemused, I rode up to him as we cooled down, he looked at me and said, I was not sure if you were really going to sprint or not. I simply said, I said I was not going to sprint, and I didn't. I don't do that.

And the opposite:

Hilltowns RR some years ago:

I was in a front group of 5, and I knew I was the strongest guy there. Three were hanging on, but one guy, who shall remain nameless, was strong, and just sat on me.

And I mean sat on me, mile after mile after mile. Literally 20 miles he sat on my wheel. I did gesture a couple of times to come through, and he just would not. It was frustrating, but I just pushed on, there really is no sense wasting energy getting all pissed off.

At the end, sure enough, he jumped me at the 200 meter mark.

 Let me just say after pulling him for 20 miles there was no f-ing way he was going to beat me and I lit him up like a pinball game.

Afterwards, he disappeared.  He knew.

Class. Have some class. Win with class. Lose with class. It is a good reputation to have as a rider.

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