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How easy on an easy day?
Coach Rick

I had someone ask me recently "how easy am I supposed to ride on an easy day"?
Well, on the surface it means you just ride easy.
Digging a little deeper though, there is a method to it.
Since we are big into training day sequencing here, a lot of it depends on how hard you went the day before, just how trashed your legs are, and what is coming up later in the schedule.
You always have to pay attention to how you really feel.
Some days, my legs are just so beat up, a short spin is all they have patience for. They tell me how long I am going to ride.
I do like to try and spin them a bit for a few minutes and see if I can flush out some fatigue, but listen to the feedback you are getting, is it flushing or causing even more fatigue?
More fatigue, just shut down and go home. If you can get a flush and they smooth out, you can keep riding but basically your job is done for the day.

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