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Meet VeloJawn Coach Rick Sorenson
Years racing-37
Career Wins- 170
Hometown-Casper Wyoming
Currently resides-Rutland Vermont
Race statistics-Started over 500 races on the road,  over 1,000 on Zwift.  Has also raced Cyclocross and MTB, in limited amounts as cross training.
Coaching Experience- Director of Training for the Casper Wheelmen for over 15 years.

Currently coach at VeloJawn Coaching.

USA cycling Category 3 Coach. 

Graduate of the Hunter Allen Power Certification Course.

Career Highlights-
1999 Masters National Road Champion(Master 40-44)
6-Time Masters National Podium finishes-1-Gold(RR)1- Silver(TT)3 Bronze(1-RR 2-TT)1-4th-(RR) 
Winner- Casper Classic Stage Race 1995-Killington Stage Race, Green Mountain Stage Race(X2), Platte Bridge Station Stage Race(X4). 
BAR/Best All-Around Rider 1999 Masters National Road Championships. Western US Region Masters Champion 1998. 
Single day races won in New England USA- Bow(X3) Hilltowns(X2) Capitol Region(X3). Tokeneke(X2).  Battenkill Road Race.
Over 200 Podium appearances. 
Spent 7 years as a Cat 1. 
Coaching Philosophy-'Wins and results are great but don't mean much unless as a coach you can convey your knowlege and experiences to your riders, helping them build their 'Palmares' as well.

Coach Rick:
37 years of racing bikes! It has been an amazing ride. I think I have hit every possible high and low  at one time or another. I spent the first 15 years or so racing in and around Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and Utah. The second half has been spent racing in New England. Quite different experiences. The west featured almost exclusively stage races, New England features mostly single day races. The Stage Races helped forge my riding style, as well as training and recovery theories. Lay on the bed at Motel 6 enough Saturday nights wondering how you are going to race two more stages the next day, after getting hammered for 80 or so miles in the wind and heat, and you will figure out a way to maximize recovery. I was a GC rider,  so I had to learn to time trial because you were TT'ing just about every weekend. So many memories! Great wins, hard losses, some nasty crashes, and the best friends I will ever have in my life. I have had a great career. If I complained, I'd be a fool.  It certainly has been memorable. I never thought I was so much more talented than the other riders, I just ride hard and take chances. Plus I always tried to train against riders better than I was, as I was always looking to 'race up' and see how far I could go. Honestly, I have achieved every goal I ever set out for in Bike Racing. 
I would not trade a minute of it.
Now I am coaching with VeloJawn owner and co-coach Jerry Jacobs, travelling the East Coast, and meeting a whole new group of people and riders.
New adventures await!

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