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Welcome to VeloJawn Coaching

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Jerry Jacobs on the podium,
pre-race with VeloJawn coached athletes
Julio Jover and Eddie Ramirez.
Well done all!

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Good Times at GFNY Miami!

From Coach Jerry:

We are delighted to announce the addition of Luke Guyton to our VeloJawn Coaching Team. Luke brings a wealth of racing experience and coaching expertise to our team. Luke is a Cat 1 professional on the bike, a strength and mobility coach and also a highly successful race promoter. He lives in the Quad Cities area, close to the Iowa / Illinois border. He is close fiends and training partner with masters coached athlete, Bill Hauber. 


As a bike racer, Luke has extensive experience at the highest levels in a combination of road, gravel and mountain bike. He has wins at Intelligensia Cup and the Illinois State Criterium Championships. More recently, he has specialized in the biggest gravel event such as Unbound, Big Sugar, Gravel Worlds and the Belgian Waffle Ride. He is also the founder and promoter of the Big River Gravel Series (a four series race in the Quad Cities region). He owns his own facility and works with many competitive athletes on strength and mobility training. Luke shares our commitment to mentoring local athletes and welcoming newer riders.


Luke will be accepting new coaching athletes. He will be a critical contributor to our VeloJawn Coaching platform. 


Please help me in welcoming Luke.

It's time to Rock and Roll
By Coach Jerry

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